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Bedroom & Bathroom

If you want a distinct look for your home, Amish wooden bathroom and bedroom furniture can give you the style you desire. Our high-quality, American made furniture, including options for kids and pets, will last for years to come. With customizable options for woods and stains, we truly deliver the best options for you.

Get Quality Furniture for Your Bed and Bath has the beds, dressers, cribs, bathroom vanities, pet beds and more you need to turn your house into a home. Our Amish artisans use only the finest materials when constructing our furniture, including a range of wood types such as hickory, rustic cherry and oak. You can get the option that fits your décor by deciding the fabric, stain and other design options. The end result is furniture made for you and your home, true masterpieces that will stand up to long-term wear and tear.

We offer the modern convenience of being able to order online. We marry that with the traditional methods used by our Amish furniture makers, who still approach their craft the same way their fathers and grandfathers did.

Our safe and secure online ordering system includes daily discounts of up to 33 percent off, and you can save more on larger orders. You can browse through our inventory and get in touch with us with any questions about the furniture, ordering process or pricing.

Why Choose Amish Bedroom and Bathroom Furniture?

You want the best pieces in your bedroom and bathroom, because you spend a lot of time in these rooms. Investing in comfortable beds, dressers big enough to fit your clothes and cribs that will grow into beds as your child ages gives you the best return on the money you put into your furniture.

The most important thing when you buy a new piece, such as a vanity or dressing suite with mirror, is that you love it. You will use this furniture every day. Make a commitment to something you are excited to bring home, and happy to spend the money on. You can’t go wrong when your new bed brings a smile to your face.

testimonials Stephen

I wanted to let you know that we had received delivery of my wife’s (made to order) glider Sunday morning, and we’re so pleased with what we received.
My wife was totally surprised by her unexpected gift, and was also taken by how beautiful and well constructed it was. She just Loved the beautiful detail and finish work of her new glider-rocker,  including the comfortable cushions that made it just perfect.

Likewise, I am SO pleased with my order from Amish Outlet Stores. I am a former cabinet maker and just Love all of the wonderful detail work that went into this chair. I’m sure will be around for generation in my family.

You guys are top-notch! Thank you for your part in making this Christmas so special for my wife and I.

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