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Dining & Kitchen

The dining room and kitchen are two of the most important rooms in the home. That’s where you gather for meals and companionship. You want gorgeous, American made furniture that will support all your food and family, like the tables, chairs and other furniture you see here. Think of our furniture as the final touch to your forever home. 

Sturdy Furniture for Eating and Socializing

When you purchase furniture, you want pieces that will stand up to long-term, repeated use. You will employ these seats and tables every day, whether you are hosting a dinner party, helping your kids with their homework or prepping ingredients for lunch.

Our selection includes kitchen and dining room tables as well as chairs and even kitchen islands and workstations. You can also buy kitchen storage items from us.

We offer fully customizable furniture. You can pick what type of fabric you want on the seats of our chairs. Choose the type of wood for any of our wooden items, including hickory, cherry, maple and oak. You can match your current décor, too, by selecting a stain for your wood.

You can order our furniture from your home, a convenient modern option, while also getting a traditional piece made in the traditional manner. The Amish artisans who make our furniture employ methods taught to them by their parents and grandparents. They use the best materials, too, to ensure the furniture remains durable for years to come.

Fall in Love With Our Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture

When you purchase a piece of furniture, you should do it for love. Find a piece that speaks to you, because it will be in your home for a long time to come. You want something that not only suits your style but that will fit into the space you have. Once you have made a commitment, you can start to get excited. You deserve furniture you will look at every day and smile when you see it.

testimonials Cindy in Orlando, FL

I have never purchased a product from the Amish Outlet Store and look forward to hearing from them regarding on an item I am interested in. Every item on the web pages are beautiful. In the past, I have purchased items from other Amish crafters in Ontario, Wisconsin. I loved every item purchased because they are truly artistic and I found that the Amish are very nice people to work with. Today, most products are no longer made with solid wood and purchasing a quality piece, made in the USA is very important to me.

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