An executive summary of Igor Pro 8 features that are new relative to Igor 7.

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Some Reasons to Upgrade to Igor Pro 8

Igor Pro 8 contains hundreds of improvements, including 20 new operations, 5 new functions, a new NetCDF XOP, and the Igor Filter Design Laboratory (a separate product in Igor 7 and earlier).

Some highlights of Igor Pro 8 improvements include:

  • Long object names, increased from 31 bytes to 256 bytes.
  • Greatly improved the speed of creating and looking up waves by name when there are many similarly-named waves in a data folder.
  • Drawing speed of graph traces on High-DPI displays under some specific circumstances is dramatically improved.
  • Improved speed of displaying notebooks, help windows, and procedure windows.
  • New Window Browser shows all your windows in one place.
    Filter by type, name, and/or wave to find that one special graph among a sea of great data.
  • The new toolbar provides easier access to frequently used features.
  • The redesigned Procedure Browser allows you to quickly find and filter symbols (functions, macros, etc.).
  • New Box Plot and Violin Plot graph types make it easy to show the distribution of values within a data set.
  • Procedure windows and the command line now suggest options to complete the current command.
  • New Back and Forward buttons in procedure and notebook windows allow you to quickly navigate in these window types.
  • New Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT) operation.
  • Added seven new dialogs for transformation operations.
  • New built-in Voigt and dblexp_peak curve fitting functions.
  • ODR fitting is now thread safe and has built-in parallelization.
  • Igor Filter Design Laboratory (IFDL), which was previously a separate paid product, is now built into Igor Pro 8. IFDL is a sophisticated and flexible environment for interactive design, evaluation, and application of Finite Impulse Response (FIR) and Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) digital filters.

More Reasons to Upgrade to Igor Pro 8

If you are using an Igor version earlier than Igor 7, you should take a look at even more Reasons to Upgrade Igor Pro to see what else you've been missing!

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